Performance on HIV/AIDS care and treatment (all healthcare schemes)
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Notes Data as of December 31, 2015
Source: Data on HIV/AIDS patients, National Health Security Office

National Level2016465,786417,828363,359287,714228,625208,904
ZoneNameYearHIV TestingNew HIV+New RegisteredHIV symptomatic for ARTOn ARV
National Level2016124,0223,5902,8252,0701,211
Registered to careNumber of people registered to receive care and treatment
Need ARTNumber of people eligible for ART
Prescribed ARTNumber of accumulated ART patients
Retained in ARTNumber of people currently on ART
VL testedNumber of people with VL testing
VL suppressedNumber of people with viral suppression
HIV testingHIV testing (excluding pregnant women)
New HIV+New HIV+
New registeredNew HIV+ registration
HIV symptomatic for ARTHaving HIV symptomatic diseases to start ART