Indicators for Performance measurement
        The key indicators that affect the care of HIV-infected/AIDS patient make it possible to measure the performance of care.

The advantage of the Performance measurement

        Performance measurement will be no advantage if it does not analysis the measurement result and to do the quality improvement in further. The results of measurement in each indicator in each period will be able to see trends of improvement in each indicator. It is also used to compare the performance measurement in each agency.

Indications HIVQUAL-T version 5 is measure the fiscal year (example Yr 2011: 1 October 2010- 30 September 2011).

          To improving the quality of treatment and care for HIV / AIDS patients, Bureau of AIDS and STI (BATs) has improved the indicators to update for measure the performance in fiscal year 2011 (the measure after the end of fiscal year 2011). The indicators are divided into 5 groups as the following:. 

Core Indicator

  1. CD4 monitoring
  2. After ART initiated monitoring : detail of indicator
  3. OI prophylaxis: Paper abstract form
  4. Co-morbid disease screening : Paper abstract form (new patient)
  5. Health education

The measurement are divided as the following subjects:.

  1. CD4 monitoring 8. Tuberculosis screening  
  2. VL monitoring 9. Sexual Transmitted disease Screening  
  3. OI prophylaxis 10. PAP smear screening  
  4. Antiretroviral treatment and care 11. CMV Retinitis Screening  
  5. ARV adherence measurement 12. Hepatitis B Screening  
  6. ART Side effect monitoring 13. Hepatitis C Screening  
  7. Drug resistance testing for treatment failure casee 14. Prevention and Health promotion