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Update at December 12,2012                                          

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2009 322.473.132.782.342.282.942.092.752.502.442.502.662.662.563.5339.63
2010 273.073.333.262.893.153.443.153.443.072.743.263.042.892.963.6347.32
2011 233.483.353.433.003.353.432.913.743.263.043.653.613.352.873.7850.25
2012 193.423.633.263.533.634.053.583.793.373.533.633.533.113.163.7953.01
2013 92.672.672.893.003.223.673.

Topic            Definitions
Year Year of organizational measurement on quality development
  Quality Structure
A1 Does the HIV program have an organizational structure to assess and improve the quality of care?
A2 Were appropriate resources committed to support the HIV quality program?
A3 Did the HIV leadership support the HIV quality program?
A4 Does the HIV quality program have a comprehensive quality plan?
  Quality Planning
B1 Were annual goals established for the HIV quality program?
B2 Does the HIV program clearly described roles and responsibility for HIV quality program?
B3 Did the HIV program routinely measure the quality of care – time framework?
  Quality Performance Measurement
C1 Were appropriate quality indicators selected in the HIV quality program?
C2 Did the HIV program routinely measure the quality of care?
  Quality Improvement Activities
D1 Did the HIV program conduct quality projects to improve the quality of care?
D2 Were quality improvement teams formed to improve specific quality aspects?
  Self Involvement
E1 Does the HIV program routinely engage staff in quality program activities?
  Consumer Involvement
F1 Are consumers involved in quality-related activities?
  Evaluation of Quality Program
G1 Is a process in place to evaluate the HIV quality program?
  Clinical Information System
H1 Does the HIV program have an information system in place to track patient care and measure quality?
Total Total score received from Evaluation of organizational structure for quality development