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Update at October 17,2017                                          

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YearHospitalCaselistSampleCD4PCPCryptoPenniMACARVAdhTBSafe sexSyphilisPAPVL
2006 4744428878.8288.5276.0026.672.048783.4046.6771.532.6712.3124.26
2007 333656164690.2281.4075.8744.2434.687488.7880.7093.8923.8013.1947.69
2008 355025207791.5786.2381.0059.6334.968490.2291.3889.5041.8734.1662.37
2009 336668218896.3087.0180.1255.7234.889196.6695.5598.2276.7964.8177.49
2010 1957121100.0065.2266.670.000.00100100.00100.00100.00100.0060.2795.50

Title            Description
Caselist Total number of patients during the review period
Sample Number of patients during the review period
CD4 Percent of patients receiving a CD4 test at least once during the review period
PCP Percentage of eligible patients receiving PCP prophylaxis
Crypto Percentage of eligible patients receiving cryptococcosis prophylaxis
Penni Percentage of eligible patients receiving pennicillosis prophylaxis
MAC Percentage of eligible patients receiving MAC prophylaxis
ARV Percent of eligible patients receiving ARV
Adh Percent of patients receiving drug adherence assessment every time
TB Percent of patients who have no history of TB illness or TB treatment received treatment or follow up
Safe Sex Percent of patients receiving safe sex information or counseling
Syphilis Percentage of patients reported sexual activity receiving syphilis screening
PAP Percentage of female patients receiving PAP smear
VL Percentage of ARV patients receiving VL test at least once